"CareTouch has made management of our multiple sites much more efficient through remote viewing. The reports have facilitated an accurate and detailed method of billing extra hours and allowed us to have more control over staff hours. Now our directors can quickly establish that ratios are respected and the location of all the children under our care."

President, Groupe à Ciel Ouvert

"CareTouch has helped us improve the scheduling of educators based on the information provided on the arrival/departure of children. Furthermore, what amazed me about CareTouch is that while I was out of the country, I was able to prepare the educators' pay remotely by using the employee management module."

Abdelaziz Rzik
Garderie Annour

"The CareTouch system has helped us in the transition of children at the end of the day. The reports are also very useful. I like having access to CareTouch from home. The parents really appreciate knowing which group their child is in when we have to regroup. Overall, I really like this system, as it facilitates my job."

Lucie Bédard
Centre éducatif du village de St-Lazare
Centre éducatif du village de Vaudreuil
Centre éducatif du village de Vaudreuil-Dorion

"CareTouch provides better tracking of groups during outings, while allowing parents to see where their children are at a glance. We know exactly which children have been transferred to which group; this proves very helpful in the evenings—and especially in the summer! What's more, it also shows which children have exceeded the ten-hour daily limit for care, and it calculates the number of educators needed at the start and end of the day. Even the cook can make use of it to find out exactly how many children will be present for lunch and prepare the right number of servings. The system also helps us to keep track of attendance, since we can quickly determine which children are absent."

Parcours du Faon - Longueuil